What Is Truth?

Can something be true for you, but not real? Can you believe something to be true but still struggle with doubts? If you want the truth to become real in your daily life and if you want your faith to be greater than your doubts, then join me in a series of sermon messages in the month of July where we will take a journey to encounter Jesus where truth becomes reality and faith is not shaken by your doubts. Our journey begins with an honest, but skeptical question asked of Jesus nearly 2,000 years ago by a man who had gained status and power in the Roman world. That man was Pontius Pilate. His question was “What is truth?” Interesting how a divine confrontation with Jesus can cause someone to realize there is more to truth than what is already assumed or believed. The Bible does not tell us if he ever discovered the truth or ever had faith in Jesus, who is THE truth. Do you know the truth? Is that truth real for you? Do you have faith? Does your faith allow you to honestly struggle with your doubts? I’d like to hear from you how truth has become real in your life. And how does your faith deal with your doubts?  Truth sermon series – July 1, 8 & 15


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