Lent Worship Services

Tears Tell the Story

Mid-Week Lenten Series.  Wednesday @6pm

  • February 20  – Loss:  Lighting of Memorial Candles
  • February 27– Betrayal:  Baptism Remembrance
  • March 6 — Sacrifice: Holy Communion
  • March 13 — Remorse: Hand Washing
  • March 20 — Regret:  Nail in Cross

Have you had a good cry lately?   If not, why not?  Every hurt requires an appropriate season of grieving.  I know some of you are thinking, “Why can’t we just forget and move on?  Besides, aren’t we as Christians to be joyful always?”  In a perfect world where I no longer struggle with brokenness, whether in the world around me or in my personal life, I would be able to have continual, uninterrupted joy.  But the truth is I am not perfect and sometimes I have sorrow, regret and remorse.  I have learned that there are times I can’t avoid the pain of betrayal or loss. And though you may think the mature Christian way to deal with these emotions is to move on, forget or deny they even exist, to do so will only be to your own harm.  Sooner or later the emotional upheaval of unprocessed grief will turn toxic as you either stuff your emotions inwardly or they come out sideways against others.  So how can you and I safely lament our sorrows and find healing?  Learn that you can express your pain vertically.  You see, the only thing that trumps trauma is God.  And what we need most is His presence where we experience His love.

Come experience the healing power of God’s love by taking a journey with Jesus this Lent to the cross. Jesus can handle your sorrows and will not turn away from you as you lament your pain.  Know that He carried your sorrows so you can be made whole.  Because of Jesus’ sacrifice you can be confident to look to him and know you can face your sorrow and cry your tears with the assurance that God understands and comforts you with the assurance that your tears will turn to rejoicing.  Only God can do this because He made a way for you to embrace life restored through the cross to the victorious empty tomb.

Pretending all is well is a lie that prevents you from giving Jesus access to your brokenness and pain.  Tears tell the story of where you need the embrace of God’s healing presence. God will not turn His back on you.  Truth is, He’s waiting for you to finally open up and pour out your sorrows and grief.  It is precisely when you admit what your emotions are telling you that Jesus meets you there to begin the journey to healing and wholeness.

I invite you to take this journey to healing beginning Ash Wednesday (February 13, 5 and 7pm) and continuing for the next five Wednesdays (6pm) in our 50 minute worship services.  Our worship, prayers, messages and the offering of a participatory experience (Experiential) will take place in an atmosphere of safety and unconditional love where you can let your tears tell the story and discover how God gives you comfort and joy.

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