We Are Church

What do you think of when you hear the word, “Church”? Answers I hear are: a building for worship, a religious institution, a weekend worship service, a denomination. You would think that after 2,000 years of experience under our belts we would have figured out what church is.

The early church was a dynamic force of undeniable influence that changed people’s lives. The church brought grace, hope, love and faith to countless lives in our world. What was the key? And how can we recapture this for our Church today? The book of Acts in the Bible gives us the real story of the Church. More than ever our world needs the Church to be that Church that brings hope! As we face increasing violence, disturbing financial instability, and relational strife, the Church can be a safe place for healing, help, wisdom and restoration. As we begin a New Year in 2013, dear Church, for the sake of the world, we cannot settle for “business as usual” in the Church. There can be nothing usual about Church, not when the power of God is at work.

Starting January 6, you will hear messages based on the book of Acts that strip away the confusion and restore the life-transforming encounters that were common place in the early church. I don’t want you to miss a single Sunday. I want you to experience encounters with our living and life-giving Savior, Jesus through these messages on what it means to be Church. Get ready to experience all over again but with new urgency and power that We – yes you and me together – Are Church!

We are Church! Messages on the Book of Acts – Begins Sunday, January 6



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