Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team (MCREST)

April 27–May 4

MCREST  is a county program that houses the homeless in our area at local churches during the year.  The face of the homeless is changing which means that MCREST and other organizations are seeing more families, older adults and first time homeless individuals that never imagined they would be in this situation. With the terrible winter that we have had, can you imagine not having a warm house to go home to every night? Our church provides 60 guests with a safe and warm environment to sleep, we give them three meals a day, shower, clothes if needed, daily transportation, laundering service and activities in the evening. We offer a listening ear, fellowship, prayers and a sincere desire to help them.

This year, our MCREST week starts on Sunday, April 27 and goes until Sunday, May 4. Our guests arrive around 5:30p and stay in the building overnight until the next morning. During the day, they are away from the church with the intention of looking for work. This ministry requires many volunteers in order for it to run smoothly. Last year, we had over 400 volunteers who served over 2,800 hours to make this ministry happen. If you have questions contact , or to volunteer Register Online Here.

MCREST Volunteers

All volunteers for MCREST are required to read the Volunteer Guidelines 2013. Additional guidelines need to be read by the following prior to their volunteering activity. Volunteers must be registered — Register Online Here.


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