Hope Sermon Series

It’s not obvious who has hope and who doesn’t; that is not until it’s too late. Where can you find hope? We are going to search answers from God in this hope-giving, life-encouraging Sermon Series at Shepherd’s Gate beginning Sunday, April 27.

Hope is essential for the human spirit to face each new day. Without hope, people lose strength, get discouraged, give up on their dreams, accept defeat and have nothing to look forward to. Hope determines whether we win or lose! But have you noticed the erosion of hope today? People have lost hope for our world to ever be a place where good can win and God is present. People have lost hope that the Church can be a catalyst powerful enough to really change a human life in a significant way; like prejudice that is changed to love, or selfishness to generosity, or bitterness to kindness. And people have lost hope for the family to be the place of warmth and safety where you know you belong no matter what. If we lose hope we lose everything. Faith is destroyed. Love is extinguished. Grace is ignored. And God is rejected by distrust and despair.

Whether you are struggling to survive an impoverished life, or your marriage is falling apart, or your family is in turmoil, or you are on the verge of giving up your dreams, accepting defeat or wanting it all to end permanently, know that there is a hope that never disappoints. Don’t continue to lose hope and don’t go it alone.

Let’s discover this hope together.

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