In Remembrance Service

Join us for a very special “In Remembrance” worship service at Shepherd’s Gate on Sunday, November 30, 2014.  In all of our worship services (8:30, 10 and 11:30 am) you be given an opportunity to light a candle in memory of your loved one, receive prayers for God’s comfort and peace, and hear  what the Bible tells us about our victory over death and the hope we have for eternity.   Though the loss of a loved affects each of us in different ways, our grief is made lighter when we gather with others who share not only the sorrow we have in losing a loved one, but also share in the hope we receive from our Lord and Savior, Jesus.  I personally invite you and pray that you will be comforted by God’s grace, filled with His love and strengthened in your faith as we gather “In Remembrance”.

In Remembrance

Marvin Allen
Charlie Anderson
David Anderson
Douglas Anderson
Duane Anderson
Jeff Anderson
Neil Andrews
Dennis Anthony
Donald Anthony
Marjorie Anthony
Joyce Arleth
Josephine Badalucco
Vince Badalucco
David Barkhaus
Patricia A. Barris
Joan Beatty
Ronald Beatty
Della Bell
Harold Bell
Wendall Bell
Robert Benning
David Bergman
John Bernard
Natalina Bernard
Edwin Betke
Brenda Bleck
Robert Bleck
Barb Bleck-Fuller
Dolores Bouford
Joe Brancato
Scott Brown
Frank Bryan
Arlene Bucholtz
Elmer Bucholtz
Hector Bultynck III
Ora Burden
William Burden
Betty Busch
Robert Busch
Alfred Capoferi
Mary Capoferi
Tony Catalano
Betty Chornoby
Mike Chornoby
Annette Ciaramella
Josephine Ciaramella
Ray Ciaramella
Kevin Cieplek
Jeff Clark
Wendall Clayton
Mike Colley
Dana Copeland
Colon Cross
Savannah Cross
Morris DeBlauwe
Helen DeMeulenaere
Daniel Diotte
Marlene Diotte
David DiVinney
Gladys Dobson
Robert F. Dopp
Nancy Downs
David Dudas
Dan Dula
John Dula
Phyliss Dula
David Einkorn
Sherri Einkorn
Emma Eklund
Elsie Elton
Rodwar Elton
Albert Endres
Theresa Ennes
Elaine Finnman
Dennis Foley
Gary Franzel
Grandma Freshney
Grandpa Freshney
Donna Fuhrman
Kostika “Chico” Fushi
Deno Gazzarari
LaVerne L. Gerow
Lorell Giasson
George Giasson Jr.
Anna Golec
John Golec
Johnny Golec
Charles Gouin
Craig Gouin
William Goupil
Toni Grauman
Albert Greb
John Gretz
Dorothy Griffith
Wilber Griffith
Matt Haremza
Caree Harke
Sue Harvey
Joseph Hayes
Karen Heaney
Mr. & Mrs. Henig
Deamus Hudson
Linda Hudson
Shirley Humphrey
Grace Izzy
Baby Jack
Kegham Janoyan
Edward Jasinowski
Eleanor Jasinowski
Kurt Kalka
Pete Kaltz
Marcia Kandt
James Kandt Sr.
Margaret Klein
Charles Kleinbrook
Helen Kleinbrook
Betty M. Knapp
Stacey Knapp
Marcia Knutson
James Kotlarz
Allison Krieger
Charlene Krieger
Patricia Kwiecinski
Marlene Lacoursiere
Rouno Laitinen
Sophie Laitinen
Mario A. Landers
Terry Landers
Vicky Leathers
Janet Lloyd
Heather Lohmeyer
Grandma Lohr
Grandpa Lohr
Art Long
Vera Long
Barber Louzon
Dale Luke
Corine Lynch
Jerry Lynch
Angus MacGillivary
Nora Jean MacGillivary
Joe Manzella
John Manzella
Michael Manzella
Patty Manzella
Rosalie Manzella
Bill Marquardt
Celine Marquardt
Patrick McClain
Ronald McComas
Katherine McCormick
Robert McCormick
Nora McDonnell
James McHale
Reba McHale
Richard McHale
Lorraine Michalik
Norbert Michalik
Thomas Michalik
Richard Miller
Todd Miller
Betty J. Mitchell
John Norman
Susan Norris
Tom O’Hara Jr.
Helene Papidas
Terri Paterson
Eric  Pauli
Beverly Plevek
Helen Polomski
Albert Posner
Leonard Powell
Shirley Powell
Christine Pruneski
James Pruneski
Elsie Raymond
Morgan Raymond
Hank Reamsma
Margaret Reamsma
Craig Remick
Steve Remick
Mary Robins
Pauline Robins
Stanley Robins
Duane Robinson
Dick Ross
Jane Rousseau
Mr. John Rozinsky
Mrs. John Rozinsky
Jesse Rozonsky
Leland Rumph
Jim Ryckwaert
Helen Samra
Joseph Samra
Daniella Saveski
Charlotte Schoof
Floyd Schoof
Joey Schoof
Willard Schoof
Floyd Schoof Sr.
Fritz Schuh
Heidi Schultz
Rosemarie Schultz
Theresa Schultz
Virginia Schultz
Willard Schultz
Walter Schultz Sr.
Deborah Selaty
Mary Beth Shabaugh
Bernard Short
Bob Short
Patricia Smith
Ronald   Spear
Jack Splane
Lynn Splane
Thelma Splane
Jennifer Staller
Clara Stewart
Randall Stewart
Edward Streling
Virginia Streling
Hazel Sullivan
Jack Sullivan
John Sullivan
Ellen Swartz
Jane Switlowski
Eleanor Teeple
John Tempia
B. Dale Thomas
Rosa Thurmond
Keith Todd
Robert L. Trinklein
John Turner
Bob Turrel
Elmer Uhl
Helen Uhl
Ben Venticinque
Tony Vitale
Cheryl Wachlerz
Robert Waszkiewicz
William Welch
Art Wendt
Christopher Wendt
Dorothy Wendt
Gregory Wendt
Charles Wilmoth
Tina Wilson
Matthew L. Workman
Ronald “Sonny” Workman
Shaun D. Workman
Bob Wyatt
Helen Wyatt
Alyce Young
Kirk Young
Rolf Young
Richard J. Zagorski
Carolyn Zamborsky
Bernadine Zenoby
Harold Zenoby
Josephine Zenoby
Michael Zerilli
Joseph Zito
Rosina Zito
Aunt Frances
Aunt Mo


4 Responses to “In Remembrance Service”

  1. Tina DiBernardo November 23, 2014 1:08 pm #

    My father passed away in 2010. His name is Kenneth Cricks and i just love that they do these remembrance services, very comforting! Thank you to all who participate! Sincerely Tina DiBernardo

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