The Christmas Story

How did the story of Christmas begin? What really happened? So many people confuse fact with fiction when it comes to Christmas. Let’s search the biblical accounts to discover the story as it really happened. The Christmas Story is about God’s presence in your life. Bring family and friends and experience the Christmas Story together.

Sermon Series

December 7, 14 & 21 | 8:30, 10 & 11:30a

Christmas Eve Worship

December 23 | 7p

December 24 | 1, 3, 5 & 7p

Don’t miss the best opportunity to introduce family and friends to Jesus! People who normally don’t come to church will come to Christmas services. We’ve known this for years. Through the marketing and music industry, our community is immersed in the Christmas season and this can help make people more open to hearing the message of Jesus. You may have family or friends that would respond to your invitation to come to our Christmas services. Our staff and volunteers are already working hard to make our Christmas services inspirational, heart touching and life changing through providing every person who walks in our doors a warm welcome,beautiful music that gives glory to God, and a simple and authentic message of hope through the Good News that a Savior has been born for all people.

We are removing the barriers and building bridges by providing more options to attend our Christmas services on December 23 and December 24. We are inviting those of you who have not participated in serving as decoration team, greeters, refreshment team, ushers, or guest services to be part of something really big this Christmas in the biggest outreach opportunity of the year. This could be the year that your family and friends will come to Shepherd’s Gate and be introduced to Jesus. You can be a part of that by simply inviting them to come. With all my heart I ask that you prayerfully and enthusiastically invite them! I can’t wait to see
how God works through all of us this Christmas.

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