Sex Series for Students and Parents

Have you had the “talk” with your student? Are you not sure where to start?

Here at Shepherd’s Gate we want to come alongside parents and students to address this important topic. Starting Wednesday, January 21 we will gather parents and students together each night to learn what the Bible says about sex, what students are facing in the culture we live, and how to create boundaries in their relationships. The series goes for four weeks and ends on February 11. We will begin each night at 7:00pm in the Senior High Room.

Parents, we strongly encourage you to attend every session with your child. Statistics prove that the overwhelming majority of teenagers want their parents to talk to them about sex, although they won’t come out and say it. When asked about the most influential person in teen sexual decision-making, teens reported their parents were the single most influential factor. Adults wrongly assume that their children’s friends had the greatest influence.


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