Baptism Splash Sunday

There is so much more to baptism than meets the eye, and we want you in on it. Baptism is God’s way of connecting our lives with His, giving us gifts, reminding us who we are and keeping His promises to us. If you have not been baptized, this is your opportunity! We baptize all ages with an enthusiastic invitation to wait no longer. Call the church to sign up or bring those who need to be baptized on Sunday, August 30, to hear a biblical message on the power and promises of God in baptism. There will also be a “Remembrance of Baptism” option for those who have already been baptized. Invite your sponsors/Godparents so we can recognize them during the worship service and express our praise to God for their faithfulness to pray and encourage you to continue in your faith relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For more information, call the church.


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