Family Christmas

A Family Christmas brings to mind warm and cozy feelings of egg nog by the fireplace, beautifully plated ham dinners, and carefully unwrapping the perfect presents underneath the tree. The reality tends to be so much different. If you’ve ever been a part of an awkward or tense family Christmas, or even a new family Christmas than what you’re used to, you know you have completely different thoughts and feelings that pop up around Christmas. Your thoughts and feelings may be the same when you think about Christmas with God’s family, his church. You might wonder if you really fit in, if you can really belong or how you could possibly deal with people who have hurt you in the past or just don’t seem to be like you. These are feelings we all might have around these times. So let’s look to Jesus and his followers to see what we might learn about dealing with these tough situations and see how we can actually find peace, hope, belonging and joy in the midst of a time that usually is so opposite.

Family Christmas Sermon Series | December 3 through December 24

Christmas Eve Service Times | Saturday, December 23 at 5p & Sunday, December 24 at 9a, 11a, 2p, 4p

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