Jr/Sr Youth Group February Series “Hello My Name Is”

Who are you, really? The answer may be simpler than you think. In this series, we’ll discover that when we look to God for the answer, we can live confidently knowing our identity is found in Him.

We will learn several things in the series. First, what God says about you is the most important thing about you. Who are you, really? It’s an important question because who you think you are can decide a lot about your life. This week we’ll discover that when it comes to really understanding who we are, the most important voice we can listen to is God’s.  Second, be kind to yourself. Have you ever thought about the way you talk to yourself? Most of us say negative things to ourselves that we would never say to other people. And soon enough, those negative messages become a part of who we are. This week we’ll see that one of the best things we can do to better our lives is show ourselves a little kindness.

Parents – here is the Parent Cue. Follow along with us!!




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