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Disarming the Darkness

Sermon Series November 9 – November 23 Daily we are engaged in an unseen spiritual struggle. We are not defenseless! We are encouraged to fight the good fight. Satan is a defeated enemy, victory is certain because Christ has already won the war. God has provided spiritual armor for us. Jesus Himself wore it in His […]

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Core Values

New Sermon Series – October 5 through November 2 Do you know what core values are? They represent your deeply held beliefs, your highest priorities, and what drives your actions. Do you know the core values of our church? Our core values help us fulfill the mission Jesus gave us to fill the world with […]

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Marriage? Marriage!

What is marriage? Why should I get married? In our day and age the definition of marriage is being questioned and challenged like never before. What if I’m single…does the Bible have anything to say about it? What about the specific roles of husbands and wives? What does the Bible actually say? We’re going to […]

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Build Your Marriage Conference

Registration is now open for the Build Your Marriage Conference that will take place here at Shepherd’s Gate Friday October 24 and Saturday October 25. Building your marriage is a choice. It’s a decision. It’s an act of the will. Building your marriage is about love. It’s about grace. It’s about a future of strength […]

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Elisha: A Tale of Ridiculous Faith

New sermon series begins July 27. We all suffer from a common problem. We want to be in control.  We want to be in control of every area of our lives, including our relationship with God. Can you imagine what could happen if we gave control of our life to God? It’s scary, but the […]

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One Macomb Romeo Serve & Celebration Day

On August 23, everyone is invited for a Serve and Celebration Day. We are hosting a Back to School Celebration at Amanda Moore Elementary School from 11a-4p with food, music, inflatable games, face painting, mobile medical and dental units for health screening, and much more. You can sign up to serve on a team for […]

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Ten Commandments

Ten words that reveal how life works. You can’t not know them and live life as God intended. There are ten words that have determined the destiny of every culture throughout time.  These ten words are so foundational to life that they are imbedded in the heart and mind of every person on our planet.  […]

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Hope Sermon Series

It’s not obvious who has hope and who doesn’t; that is not until it’s too late. Where can you find hope? We are going to search answers from God in this hope-giving, life-encouraging Sermon Series at Shepherd’s Gate beginning Sunday, April 27. Hope is essential for the human spirit to face each new day. Without […]

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Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team (MCREST) April 27–May 4 MCREST  is a county program that houses the homeless in our area at local churches during the year.  The face of the homeless is changing which means that MCREST and other organizations are seeing more families, older adults and first time homeless individuals that never imagined […]

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Belize 2014

Belize Mission Trip & Donations Belize Mission Trip Announcement 2014 from Shepherd’s Gate on Vimeo. A team of 53 missionaries from Shepherd’s Gate is heading to Belize April 4-13. Belize is located south of Mexico and east of Guatemala. This little country has a population of 324,000 people and is the only English speaking country in Central America. The average […]

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