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30 Ways to Live Missionally in the Worksplace

Many times it’s difficult to find practical ways to be a blessing in your workplace. Rapid pace, mounting deadlines, or co-worker conflict can often derail even the best of intentions to say and show the love of Jesus at work. Recently, Josh Reeves posted some very practical ideas for blessing others in the workplace: Instead […]

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Love at the Core

Single Idea for 2011 – Love at the core. Love is not simply one more thing we add to our life, as if it was gravy on our potatoes or a hat on our head. Rather, love is to be at the core of all of our life. Why do we worship? At the core, […]

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July News

Single Idea for 2011 – Love is patient. 1 Corinthians 13:4 Good things are worth waiting for. A watched pot never boils. Patience is a virtue. Anticipation is half the fun! Have you noticed how hard we work at convincing ourselves that patience is a good thing? But when push comes to shove, patience is most […]

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Love Builds Up

Single Idea for 2011 — “Knowledge puffs up while love builds up.” 1 Corinthians 8:1 Have you noticed that people don’t really care what you know until they know that you care? Knowledge puffs up. Love builds up. To be puffed up is to inflate your importance and ego so to gain a position of […]

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Single Idea for 2011

In January, I challenged us to take hold of real, God-like, honest, courageous, radical, revolutionary love. In February, I shared how love is expressed through the practice of speaking the truth to one another while still showing respect. In March, I asked if you have encouraged others at Shepherd’s Gate. How are you doing with […]

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Israel Update – Nov 19

As I write this, the Israel mission team should be home.  The last few days were very powerful as we heard from a Pastor of a Messianic congregation.  An ultra-orthodox Rabbi had organized protests and a stirred up a riot against this Messianic Church several years ago and has been putting on great pressure to […]

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Israel Update – Nov 18

Most of the Israel mission team is scheduled to return late tonight.  Pray for safe travels.  Pray for the chinese leaders as they return home and the ones that were unable to join the team.  Pray for their ministry as well for Israel to grow and have open doors.  We thank the Lord for his […]

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Israel Update – Nov 15

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Israel Update – Nov 13

Today, we were on the Mt. of Olives overlooking the Temple Mount where three religions are all claiming rights to this place.  The Moslem Dome of the Rock is a reminder of how Islam is trying to erase the Biblical account of God choosing Isaac and Israel for the sending of our Savior, Jesus, but […]

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Israel Update – Nov 12

We met a Messianic pastor serving in Jerusalem at the site of the synagogue of Capernaum.  He shared with us how the Lord is working through this congregation established 4 years ago.  There are over 200 believers today.  I can tell you that this rate of growth is beyond anything that was happening just 10 […]

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