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The Great Restoration

Sermon Series | April 2 – April 30 | 8:30, 10 & 11:30a To follow along with our reading plan of the book of John click here.

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Home for Christmas

The idea of being home for Christmas might bring out a lot of emotions and feelings for you. Maybe it’s exciting  to be able to get back home and see your family to catch up on their lives and reminisce about old times. But maybe for you there’s apprehension about being home, or you don’t […]

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The Lord’s Prayer

God invites you into a conversation where you can experience more of him and better partner with him in what he is doing in our world. He speaks to you through his Word, the Bible. You can respond to him in prayer. Join us November 6-20 for this sermon series on The Lord’s Prayer to […]

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Godly Girls and Wild Women

New sermon series | Many think women are either godly girls or wild women, but you will meet real women in the Bible who are both! These are women that every woman can relate to and be inspired by because of their stories of healing, hope, and freedom through God’s redeeming love. Discover what God […]

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Ambush is a surprise attack. It’s those moments when we often wonder what we should have done differently. During this sermon series we address families in different life stages and how they are being ambushed. We will encourage families to look out for blindspots and be equipped so your family is not ambushed by the […]

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Third Person

Research has shown that the Holy Spirit is the least known person of the Holy Trinity. Yet, the Holy Spirit is present and at work in the world from the moment of creation to the end of time. How well do you know the Holy Spirit?  Do you know how the Holy Spirit works in […]

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Gospel Sermon Series

The Gospel is the GOOD NEWS of what God has done for us and not a method for us to earn our way back into a relationship with Jesus.  For two weeks, beginning August 23, you will learn what the Bible says about the Good News of the Gospel. 8:30, 10 & 11:30a  

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