Sunday, October 31


10:00a - 1:00p

In the movies, superheroes can do it all—become invisible, jump over buildings and even travel through time. God gave you ‘superpowers’ too—those special skills & talents only you possess. Maybe you turn plants into beautiful gardens, connect instantly and make friends with every[one] you meet, help kids smile and learn through teaching, or like to work behind the scenes using your tech-savvy skills. Whatever your ‘superpower’ is, don’t let it stay hidden. 

At our Heroes Wanted Super-Serving Event on Sunday, October 31, you’ll see all the ways you can get involved, volunteer, and activate your ‘superpowers’. We’ll have tables set up in the Gym after each worship service with lots of volunteer opportunity info and delicious treats.

>> Kids of all ages are invited to wear their costumes.
Already serving? Swing by to hang out, enjoy some treats and see all the other serving opportunities we have to offer.


Shepherd’s Gate Church
12400 23 Mile Rd.
Shelby Township, MI 48315 United States