10:00a - 11:00a , Livestream event

We are living in challenging times.

The Covid-19 virus has affected all our lives in one way or another. Covid has caused anxiety, depression, loneliness, thoughts of suicide, fear, and yes dislike of others.

Want to learn positive ways to cope with the impact of this pandemic in your daily life? Do you just want a break and some relief? If you are struggling with finding a new perspective amidst this time of uncertainty, plan to join us for a free special one-session livestream event on September 30 at 10a.

This livestream event will give you a Christ-centered perspective on how to cope with these issues. We will be speaking with David Brown from Trinity Counseling Center in Clinton Township. David is trained and certified as a Director of Christian Education (DCE) he is also a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC).

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