No matter where you are in your walk with Jesus or what you may be going through, our Adult Small Groups provide a place for you to be yourself, develop friendships, and build your faith.
Small Groups are made up of people who enjoy being in community with one another and growing in their love for Jesus. We have a variety of Life, Bible Study, and Social Groups for you to join that meet in-person & online. 

life groups

Life is better together

Our Life Groups are a place where you can come together with others to build lasting friendships and grow in your faith. They are centered around doing life together, having similar interests and incorporating a Bible study lesson when they meet. 
Groups typically meet online or in person twice a month. Let us know what your comfort level is when you sign up.
Ready to find a sense of family in a Christ-centered community? Get connected today.
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Bible Study groups

get connected

In our Bible Study Groups, you can join with others to share God’s Word around a specific topic for a few weeks at a time. Groups typically meet weekly with the guidance of a group facilitator either online or in person. You can also study solo. Let us know what your comfort level is when you sign up. Check out our Bible study groups below and register today. All of our Bible Study Groups start back up in September.


Men’s Group | 7p
Begins Sept. 12

The Book Of John

Study and discuss Jesus’ private ministry with the disciples through Jesus’ passion ministry from chapters 15 – 21 of the book of John.  Dig deeper into Jesus’ life, death and resurrection while discovering the Good News and what that means for believers today. Register here.



WOMEN’s Group | 7p
Begins Sept. 12

He Speaks to Me by Priscilla Shirer

God desires to speak to each of us individually! He wants to meet us where we are, despite who we are and reveal Himself to us in a personal way. This 7-week study is designed to show how God speaks to us today, how to position ourselves to hear what He has to say, how to understand it and how to experience its practical application in our everyday life!
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Begins Sept. 14

Gather At The Gate

Dig into God’s Word and share a delicious light dinner with your SG family. We provide the food, study materials, and SG Kids & Students programming too.



WOMEN’s Group | 9:20A
Begins Sept. 15

In View of God’s Mercies by Courtney Doctor

Walk through Paul’s powerful letter to the Romans to see the glorious grace and transforming work of the gospel.  Become overwhelmed with the good news of God’s merciful rescue.  This study will provide not only hope for eternity, but purpose, joy, and peace for today.
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Social Groups

your people await

We all have different interests & hobbies so we formed groups at Shepherd’s Gate to get you connected with people just like you. Our Social Groups are a place where you can come together with others to build lasting friendships, grow in your faith, relax, and have some fun.

let's get social

Boating Group

Boating Group

A-hoy boaters! Motor out, anchor or tie-up with us on Lake St. Clair for an afternoon of food, fun, and friends.

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Camping Group

camping group

Do you love the great outdoors, the fresh smell of summer, or roasting marshmallows over an open fire? Whether you have a tent, pop-up camper, travel trailer, or fifth-wheel, we would love to have you join us.

Check out our private Facebook Camping Group.

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Cycling Group

Cycling group

Do you enjoy moving with speed on the open road or at a relaxing pace with your family through nature trails? Our Cycling Group has a place for you. Cyclists of all ages and abilities are welcome.

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Dog Walking Group

dog walking group

Get outside with your furry friend and meet some new humans. You and your dog will enjoy the numerous healthy and social benefits of walking your dog, have fun, and develop new friendships with your SG family.

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Families With Kids Group

families with kids Group

(Ages K-6th Grade)

Let’s be real. Life is hectic. Take a break from the daily grind and have some fun with your kids & family. Join our Families With Kids Social Group. We will be meeting periodically for seasonal activities in the community, such as gymnastics, bowling, game night, roller rink and movie night.

This group is a great way for you and your kids to have fun, meet new friends, and form bonds with other families at Shepherd’s Gate. Every[one] is welcome so don’t forget to invite your friends.

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Golfing Group

Golfing Group

Do you love the putting green and using the word ‘fore’? If you are a golfer at any skill level, join us for our monthly golf get-togethers.

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Line Dancing Group

line dancing group

Ready to boot scootin’ boogie? At Shepherd’s Gate, you are sure to have fun and meet great people line dancing! All adults are invited to come dance with us in our Gymnasium (Sept-May). Bring a partner or don’t. Either way, you’ll have a barn-raising good time!

Cost: $6/dancer | Time: 6-9p

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Lunch Bunch Book Club

lunch bunch book club

Monday at 12p | 4th Monday of the month

Are you passionate about reading and meeting new people? Our book club can fit into your busy schedule. We meet monthly here at Shepherd’s Gate.

Check out the reading list here.

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Moms Connect Group

Moms connect group

Meets select Wednesdays | 9:30-11:30a

As a Mom, you need to connect with other moms who are going through the same things you are—sleepless nights, toys all over the house, endless laundry. That’s why we designed Moms Connect, a small group where mothers gather to form friendships and do life together. 

We gather for a Bible study, delicious snacks, and time to spend with others.

>>Childcare is available for infants to Pre-K.

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Pickleball Group

Pickleball Group

Have fun, be social and get a great workout. Pickleball combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can be fast-paced and competitive for experienced players. Whether you’re a new or advanced player, join our group on one of the indoor or outdoor courts in Macomb County.

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We’re here to help. If you have questions regarding our Life, Bible Study, or Social Groups, please email us and we will get back to you soon. 🙂