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There are endless ways to spend your money—buying that new trendy outfit, updating your house, or simply buying groceries. Only one way can truly make a difference—when you give and help make an impact in our community & world. At Shepherd’s Gate, we live generously with every[thing] we have and use your generous donations to spread the love of Jesus to our world and help those in need.

Give Online

When you give online, you’ll be prompted to open an account with Stripe, our processing agent. Set up recurring or one-time giving through our safe and secure digital platform. Your information will be stored to make future giving a breeze.

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Give on the app

Download the Church Center app to give via our app. Simply click ‘Give’ in the menu bar and enter your debit/credit card number or banking information to give for the first time. Your information will be stored for hassle-free future giving.

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Your generosity makes great things happen.

We each have the power to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. That’s why MISSION17 was created—to use a generous portion of what you give financially to serve others here in our community and around the world. What is MISSION17 you ask? It’s a team of dedicated members that decide where these funds are directed. This year, we’re donating 17% of our income to help those in need.

In 2023, we gave away 17% of our yearly income which totaled almost $298,000 to support local and global missions. Take a look at the giving breakdown and learn more about the local & global missions your giving supports.

 2023 giving breakdown