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You have a purpose in life. One that God designed the day you were born. He gave you unique gifts and talents to use to spread the light of Jesus to our community & world. You can activate those talents by volunteering at Shepherd’s Gate. Imagine all the fun you’ll have when you step in & serve at our church or step out & serve in our community. We promise to walk alongside you and get you plugged into the serving area best suited for you.


At Shepherd’s Gate, serving isn’t something we ‘have’ to do, it’s something we ‘get’ to do. By giving back and volunteering at church, we live out our purpose when we step in & serve others. You can use your God-given talents to make a difference in endless ways. Check out our Serving Guide and once you’ve found your perfect fit, sign up and we’ll be in touch.

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Our community is not just the place we live, it’s the place we make connections and build lasting relationships with our neighbors. Shepherd’s Gate partners with local organizations in our community to make an impact and share the love of Jesus with every[one] we meet. We would love for you to step out & serve and join in on the action! Check out the current opportunities below and sign up to serve today.

We work alongside numerous organizations in our community. Check out all the ways you can help your neighbors in the Metro Detroit area.

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Current Step Out & Serve Opportunities

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We travel around the world to share the love of Jesus with every[one] we meet. Shepherd’s Gate partners with churches, community organizations, and Christian leaders around the world to help some of the most under-resourced people on the planet. Discover more and go global.

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