Introductions, please.

When you walk through our doors, you are home. Our place is somewhere you can connect with friends who become like family. A place to get to know Jesus, the one who has changed our lives so much, we know He can change yours too. 

If you are looking for a place to build your faith, to find your purpose and your people, look no further.


Our Shepherd’s Gate family was formed in 1980 with seven families, meeting in one another’s homes and celebrating life together. Four decades later, we continue to meet at our place in Shelby Township, MI, where we learn about Jesus and walk alongside each other during all seasons of life. 

our vision star outline

We will VALUE EVERY[ONE] we meet.

We value YOU. Yes you. And every[one] around you. Our goal is to make sure that every[one] who walks through our doors feels welcomed, valued, and loved–always. Our place is your place. It’s a place for you, your family, for every[one] to belong.

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We will influence every[where] we go.

Every[one] has influence. You, me, your neighbor, your bestie, even that guy you chatted with at the grocery store. Our influence comes from God who calls us to share the love of Jesus with our world. Let’s get out there and live out our influence face-to-face and connect with others in our homes, at coffee shops, restaurants, work, the sports field, and in our backyards and communities.

We will live generously with every[thing] we have.

To live generously means taking every[thing] we have, giving back to our communities, and using these resources to spread the love of Jesus to our world. We will use our God-given gifts & abilities to serve others and fulfill our purpose here on this little planet we call Earth. Through sacrificial giving, we will gladly share our physical and financial resources with every[one].


To express our thankfulness for all we’ve been given, we give away 17% of our yearly income to spread the love of Jesus to our world and help those in need. We call this effort Mission17. Discover how you can give and make a difference.

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Care Groups

We want you to know you don’t have to weather the storm alone. We partner with children, teens and adults who are experiencing difficult circumstances by sharing God’s love and providing healing through our care program.

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We believe God has equipped all of us with unique gifts so we can bring Him glory by serving our church, community and world.  Whether you are interested in working in the nursery, serving our neighbors, or joining us on an upcoming mission trip, we have many opportunities for you to get involved and serve.

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