Lead Pastor

Tim Bollinger-Lead Pastor

Tim Bollinger

Lead Pastor

Tim Bollinger is the Lead Pastor of Shepherd’s Gate Church. He has been part of the SG family since 2004, serving in various roles such as the Student Director, Family Director, and Executive Pastor until he became Lead Pastor in...

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Worship Arts

Jim Jensen

Worship Arts Director

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Quinton Greene

Worship Leader

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Kurt Perkins-Tech Coordinator

Kurt Perkins

Tech Coordinator

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Angela Rozek-Creative Set Designer

Angela Rozek

Creative Set Designer

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LouAnne Raffa-Worship Assistant

LouAnne Raffa

Video Producer

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Kids, Students & Family

Tricia Mayhew-Family Director

Tricia Mayhew

Family Director

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Ben Marsh

Student Director

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Kim Schultz-Nursery Coordinator

Kim Schultz

Early Childhood Coordinator

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Jennifer Price-Family Assistant

Jennifer Price

Family Assistant

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Diane Himmelsbaugh-Nursery Manager

Diane Himmelsbaugh

Nursery Manager

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blonde haired woman standing in front of wooden wall Shepherd's Gate Church

Regina Weichel

Nursery Manager

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Jenna Berry

Kids Coordinator

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Alecia Swejkoski

Nursery Worker

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Dianne Jacobsen-Adult Director

Dianne Jacobsen

Discipleship Director

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Gaylynne Giliberto

Adult Small Groups Coordinator

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Jan Long-Guest Services Assistant

Jan Long

Guest Services Coordinator

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Craig Meyer-Associate Pastor

Craig Meyer

Pastoral Visitation Coordinator

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Ron Kuczera

Local Missions Coordinator

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Joyce Ellies-Care Assistant

Joyce Ellies

Care Coordinator

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BethAnn Cote’

Care Coordinator

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Sharon Boyd


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Lisa Jansen-Communication & Design Director

Lisa Jansen

Communications Director

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Dana Gladieux

Graphic Designer

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Hannah Gray

Social Media Coordinator

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Savanna DiStefano

Blog Coordinator

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Office & Administration

Jim Rickert-Advancement Director

Jim Rickert

Operations Director

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Mike Massoglia-Business Manager

Mike Massoglia

Business Manager

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Al Kemp-Small Groups Coordinator

Al Kemp

Facility Director

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Julie Derosiers-Academy of the Arts Director

Julie Desrosiers

Academy of the Arts Director

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Kelly Veatch

Office & Events Coordinator

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Judy Paladino


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Greg Price-Evening Custodian

Greg Price


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Peter Paselk-Head Custodian

Peter Paselk

Head Custodian

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Tina Clarke-Day Custodian

Tina Clarke

Day Custodian

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