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Shepherd’s Gate is a community of ordinary people who join together to share the extraordinary love of Jesus with the world. We value every[one], including you, and believe the Bible’s message is true. Once you hear this message, we know it will make a difference in your life because Jesus has made an overwhelming difference in ours. Our wish is for you to explore how much God loves you and to find His purpose in your life.

Our Mission Is Simple

Every day, we get up and move forward on our mission of impacting the world with the love of Jesus. We are ordinary people who have been equipped by God to do extraordinary things. With God’s help, we encourage each other along the way, reaching out to others with His love and compassion. He invites all of us, including you, to join Him on this incredible journey of faith.

our beliefs


The Bible tells that there is one God. He is three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We know this is confusing. We can’t fully understand it either, but we believe it anyway and take God at His word. Even though God is beyond our comprehension, we know this for sure: God is a good God.  Even when your world is shaken, God is still with you and loves you. His love is unconditional, unending, and you do not have to do anything to receive it. 

Psalm 100:5Matthew 28:19


We know and believe that the Bible is true. It is God’s Word to the world, spoken through 40 people who wrote it as God inspired them over the course of approximately 1500 years. We believe that God reveals Himself and speaks to us through His Word. We believe that His Word has power to make a difference in our hearts and lives because that’s what God promises and that’s what it has done for us.

2 Peter 1:212 Timothy 3:16


Talking about sin always makes us uncomfortable and we prefer not to face it. Sin is, however, something we all struggle with every day. We don’t deny it. We don’t explain it away. We are honest about it with God and with each other. Sin hurts us. Sin damages our relationships with God and others. God has provided a solution to our sin problem.

Romans 3:23-241 John 1:8-9


God sent His son, Jesus, to be born as a human to pay the penalty for our sin. He lived a perfect life for us because we can’t. He died on the cross and rose three days later because we can’t. What Jesus did for us makes it possible for us to have a relationship with God. God sent His son, Jesus, into the world so that you can live forever in His love. Nothing you can say or do will ever stop God from loving you.

John 3:16Ephesians 2:8-9

communion & baptism

Holy Communion

Every day we eat and drink to nourish our bodies. Jesus gave us Holy Communion to nourish our souls. We believe that Jesus’ body and blood are present in the eating and drinking of the bread and wine, and that through this act, we receive forgiveness of sins. God invites all followers of Jesus to take communion often. At Shepherd’s Gate , we celebrate communion on the first and third Sundays of each month. If you have been baptized and have received biblical instruction about Holy Communion we invite you to participate. Questions may be directed to [email protected]


Baptism is a wonderful gift from God where He connects water with His Word and changes hearts and lives. We believe baptism is something that God does for us, not something we do for God.

Are you ready to get baptized or want to have a child baptized at Shepherd’s Gate? Check out our baptism page today.

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