Hey You!

Have you been searching for a new place? A place where you feel welcomed, valued, and loved–always? Look no further. Our place is your place. It’s a place for you, your family, for every[one] to belong.

We welcome you.

Whether this is your first time at church or you’ve been worshiping for years, we welcome you to your place to call home. Our Kids, Students, and Adults programs offer a place for you to get connected to others and explore God’s Word.

We value you.

There are so many things to value–our family, our homes, our friendships. We value you. Yes you. To us, you are more precious than gold.
God teaches us to value others above ourselves. Shepherd’s Gate is assembling an Equality Task Force to continue to educate our community and end racial inequality. Want to get involved? Contact [email protected].

We love you.

Every[one] needs to feel loved. It’s one of our basic needs. We love you and want you to know the unstoppable, endless love of Jesus. If you are looking for a place to not only feel loved, but to know you are loved, you’ve found it.
Struggling and need to be reassured of your worth due to a past hurt or losing a loved one? Our Care program can help. Email [email protected] for assistance.