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Work Life Balance for Moms

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Balancing Work and Motherhood is not for the faint of heart.. ESPECIALLY when you are a mom trying to raise hungry little ones with the price of living at an all-time HIGH. I don’t know about you, but money seems...

Declutter Your Life

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Three weeks??!! The buyer wanted us to close on our house in three weeks.  Twenty-four years in this house and it needed to be decluttered and cleaned out in just twenty-one days. Our realtor was worried. Our friends said it...

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The Way to Healthy Living

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What does it mean to be healthy? If you had asked me four years ago, I probably would have said things like eating good food and exercising regularly. While this does fall under the physical health category, living a healthy...

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What does Easter mean?

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Easter is a holiday that many of us celebrate, but what does Easter mean to you? Is it decorating eggs, going on an Easter egg hunt, and visiting the Easter Bunny at the mall? If so, there’s SO much more...

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What is love?

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“Jesus loves you!”  This phrase is printed on t-shirts, posters, mugs… you name it. I even have it set as the wallpaper on my phone! But how often do we actually stop and think about those words? Do we fully...

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Winter Recipes

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With life comes many questions. Why are we here? What’s the point of all of this? How can I be a better mom, dad, daughter, son, wife, husband and friend? And, perhaps the most relentless question of all, what should...